№ 2 (20) – 2023


завантаження Yu. Kuzenko


завантаження I. Levchenko, Candidate of Military Sciences
завантаження V. Malikov

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Кузенко Ю. І., Левченко І. С., Маліков В. В. Аналіз доцільності відновлення відпрацьованих олив для подальшого їх застосування на військовій техніці під час ведення бойових дій. Збірник наукових праць Військової академії (м. Одеса). 2023. № 2 (20). С. 5-11. https://doi.org/10.37129/2313-7509.2023.20.5-11


The increased consumption and production of petroleum products have led to a rise in the volumes of used motor oils, which has become an urgent issue in terms of ecology and economic feasibility.
The production and use of motor oils involve complex processes associated with significant energy and financial expenses. Therefore, there is a growing interest in finding effective solutions for the rejuvenation and processing of used motor oils for further utilization. This would reduce the negative environmental impact and preserve natural resources.
The purpose of this scientific article is to conduct an analysis of the feasibility of motor oil recovery and evaluate the economic viability of their subsequent use in petroleum refining processes. Through a systematic study of this issue, we aim to identify optimal approaches to the recovery and rational use of used motor oils, contributing to the creation of a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy system.
To achieve this goal, we will examine existing motor oil recovery technologies, their effectiveness, advantages, and disadvantages. We will also analyze the impact of recovery on the quality of petroleum products and overall economic development. The findings outlined in the article can serve as a basis for the development of strategies and policies in the field of petroleum production aimed at ensuring sustainable development and resource optimization.


recovery of motor oils, regeneration and recycling technologies, efficiency of oil recovery, impact on the quality of petroleum products, economic analysis of processing, sustainable approaches to processing, prospects for sustainable development methods, cost of recovery and production, ecological sustainability of technologies, indicators of utilization efficiency.

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