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 завантаження   N. Ismailova, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
 завантаження G. Kushnaryova, Cand. of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor
 завантаження T. Stoliarova, Cand. of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

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Ісмаілова Н. П., Кушнарьова Г. О., Столярова Т. В. Технологія гідроізоляції чаші фонтанів, які призначені для благоустрою військових містечокЗбірник наукових праць Військової академії (м. Одеса). 2021. Вип. 2(16). С. 245-250. https://doi.org/10.37129/2313-7509.2021.16.245-250 



This article discusses the technology of waterproofing the bowl of the fountain. The durability of the entire structure, its performance, the frequency of repairs and the overall suitability of the tank depend on the quality of the waterproofing system.
It is believed that the fountain demonstrates the high status of the local area and their owners. From a practical point of view, the fountain is able to humidify the environment and effectively influence the psychological system of the human body, a place of solitude, reflection.
When designing or reconstructing landscape design in military camps, it is necessary to pay attention to their waterproofing when arranging decorative water small architectural forms. In the situation of landscape design in military camps, it must be executed at a high level of craftsmanship, since a classic fountain will not fit into a wonderful picture. Therefore, in the "natural" area, "natural" fountains will also be appropriate. They will skillfully imitate mini-waterfalls, springs gushing out of the ground, geysers and artificial ponds, which is not unimportant and the fact that they are located in the recreation areas of military personnel and their families. It is very funny to watch a stream beating straight from the ground, which resembles a geyser. This type of fountain does not have a bowl. Falling water goes straight into the ground through stones. Naturally, this is only an appearance.. These "dug-in fountains" skillfully disguise the equipment with a water tank hidden under the stones.
The study of technological solutions for waterproofing the water fountain bowl depends on the material, influencing factors and increasing the operational efficiency of this system. The correct choice of technology and waterproofing coating in the material system allows to ensure not only the efficient operation of the water fountain, but also to optimize the economic component.


waterproofing technology, fountains, landscaping, technological solutions, operating materials.

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