№ 2 (16) – 2021 



 завантаження B. Demianchuk, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
 завантаження Yu. Kliat, Cand. of Technical Sciences
 завантаження A. Kosenko

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Дем'янчук Б. О., Клят Ю. О., Косенко А. В. Методика багатофакторності порівняння показників якості радіопоглинаючих феритових композитів. Збірник наукових праць Військової академії (м. Одеса). 2021. Вип. 2(16). С. 90-97. https://doi.org/10.37129/2313-7509.2021.16.90-97 



The article proposes a graph-analytical method of comparing four arbitrary alternative samples of composite radio-absorbing ferrite coating (CRFС) on sixteen time indicators of their quality, reflecting different aspects of consumer utility of such samples. The main (integrated) quality indicators of composite radio-absorbing ferrite coatings are determined such as: efficiency (level of usefulness in practical application); operational properties; manufacturability of production and application; mechanical strength. The multi-criteria choice task is reduced to single-criteria. Then the implementation of direct comparison of samples CRFС.
Specific examples of application of the method of comparing a variant of the composite radio-absorbing ferrite coating OD-RAM of own development, with three other existing in practice radio-absorbing coatings are given. The application of generalized quality indicators of manufactured composites, which are determined by graphs of multiple factors, is proposed. This allows you to find out the problem factors. It is proved that the developed composite radio-absorbing ferrite coatings OD-RAM have a generalized quality index that exceeds the known foreign samples by (30 - 40)%. Further development of the methodology is proposed, which can be implemented for comparative evaluation of options for protection of armaments and military equipment, for comparison of the same type of protective samples of CRFС, in order to select an acceptable set of alternatives.
The article contains new data on the practical application of multifactor comparison of manufactured composites on some new indicators of the quality of the composite being developed, according to its electrophysical and electromagnetic parameters.


radio-absorbing ferrite materials, comparison of coating options, basic quality indicators of composite radio-absorbing coatings, comparative evaluations of options for protection of armaments and military equipment, comparison of the same type of samples.

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