№ 2 (16) – 2021 


S. Yanyuk, Cand. of Public Administration
A. Firsov
V. Malikov
P. Mitiushin

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Янюк С. В., Фірсов А. В., Маліков В. В., Мітюшин П. А. Аналіз розвитку та застосування засобів заправки військової техніки. Збірник наукових праць Військової академії (м. Одеса). 2021. Вип. 2(16). С. 22-29. https://doi.org/10.37129/2313-7509.2021.16.22-29 



The creation and development of means of refueling equipment began with the rearmament of the world army to samples of weapons and military equipment, which were equipped with internal combustion engines. For the operation of the aforementioned engines, it was necessary to produce, transport, accumulate and apply a wide range and quantity of fuel and lubricants. Equipping military equipment with internal combustion engines began at the turn of the twentieth century and was almost completed before the start of World War II, simultaneously with the introduction of internal combustion engines into widespread use, the problem arose of delivering fuels and lubricants to the end consumer and organizing refueling of equipment both in stationary and in field conditions. The impetus for the development of technical means of transportation, storage and refueling of military equipment was the large-scale hostilities on the fronts of the Second World War. Until now, refueling equipment continue to develop, both in the direction of improving the technical design and capabilities and in the direction of adapting the design of refueling facilities to the requirements of modern arms and methods and ways of armed struggle.
The history of the development of weapons and military equipment, increase of their power and capabilities has led to the widespread use of internal combustion engines, and subsequently led to an increase dependence of the combat effectiveness of military units and formations on the availability and quality of fuels and lubricants used on weapons.


the history of the development of means of refueling, the creation and modification of means of refueling, the improvement of methods for delivering petroleum products, the use of refueling equipment in modern conditions.

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