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завантаження V. Mahankov


завантаження V. Obertas
завантаження O. Kupryniuk
завантаження O. Malinovskiy
завантаження O. Frolov

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Маханьков В. А., Обертас В. Ф., Купринюк О. П., Малиновський О. А., Фролов О. С. Напрям вдосконалення системи управління матеріальними запасами військової логістики. Збірник наукових праць Військової академії (м. Одеса). 2022. № 2 (18). С. 140-147. https://doi.org/10.37129/2313-7509.2022.18.140-147  


The analysis of the country's hostilities against the Russian occupiers and the existing state of providing troops showed the need to improve the management system of providing material means, weapons, and military equipment to military units based on a scientific analysis of the state of the troops, forecasting changes in circumstances, and decision-making. This requirement is largely satisfied by the implementation of the main mechanism of the management system at all levels of supply in the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), namely the «feedback system».
The implementation of such a system in the organization and management of the process of logistical (technical, rear and medical) support (MTZ) of training and combat use of the Armed Forces, which is currently in a state of conducting hostilities on the territory of the state, necessitates the development of a new concept of military information and material management - technical flows for use by a more effective structure, which is called the «military logistics system».
A key element of the MTZ is a set of measures to accumulate stockpiles of material resources up to the established norms and provide military units and units with them in a timely manner, storage and maintenance in a state of constant readiness for use as intended.
The purpose of the article is to determine directions for improving the management system of material resources, weapons and military equipment for their creation and accumulation in peacetime, rational echeloning at all levels of management for their timely and sufficient supply to military units during hostilities.


inventory management system, main mechanism, inventory, supply, material inventory, logistics, echeloning, operational accounting, inventory management process.

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