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T. Radnevych



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Радневич Т. М. Комплексний спосіб формування спряжених криволінійних поверхонь. Збірник наукових праць Військової академії (м. Одеса). 2022. № 2 (18). С. 39–43. https://doi.org/10.37129/2313-7509.2022.18.39-43


This article discusses the development of a complex method for processing helical curved surfaces of the cutting tool of a worm cutter for processing the working bodies of hydraulic pumps. Helical curved surfaces with a large angle of elevation of the turns are considered and new methods of profiling are created.
A complex geometric method for solving kinematic issues related to determining the characteristics of a curvilinear surface characteristic in conjugated screw elements of hydraulic pumps is presented.
The complex solution of such problems is a certain scientific problem, the solution of which is undoubtedly of great importance for the development of a complex screw cutting tool.
As a result of traditionally designed screw cutting tools, the effect of chance prevails, and in the process, as a rule, defects occur in the processing of the helical surface of the screws, which reduces their service life. The solution of this problem will reduce the design time for the mating curved surfaces of the propellers and provide the necessary computational and graphical accuracy.
When studying a complex method for designing helical conjugated curved surfaces, it was found that the existing methods are not enough in practice in production and have limitations in terms of design requirements. Therefore, for the manufacture of a conjugated curved helical surface of the cutting tool with technological accuracy, parameters are set with given conditions for the manufacture of hydraulic pump screws.
The proposed geometric complex method for determining the characteristics of the curved helical surface of the cutting tool, namely the worm cutter, will allow designing and manufacturing automatically with maximum accuracy the conjugated curved surfaces of hydraulic pumps.


complex method, curved surfaces, kinematic screw, mating surfaces, worm cutter, hydraulic pumps, screws, characteristics, cutting tool.

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