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Полоз О. А. Аналіз апаратних систем отримання метеорологічної інформації для забезпечення стрільб наземної артилерії. Збірник наукових праць Військової академії (м. Одеса). 2022. № 2(18). С. 18–24. https://doi.org/10.37129/2313-7509.2022.18.18-24 


The article of a general nature notes the factors that affect the combat effectiveness of artillery systems (AS), provides an analysis of hardware systems and complexes used to obtain meteorological information by foreign and domestic meteorological complexes, and also notes the role and place of factors that are subject to the resolution of issues regarding increasing the efficiency and reliability of obtaining meteorological information. The transition to new long-range missile and artillery systems of domestic production (Vilkha, Bureviy, Berest, Verba, Bohdana) as well as means of fire damage to the enemy of Western production (HIMARS, Krab, M109 Paladin, Zuzana, M119, M777) requires particularly accurate received diagnostic information regarding the meteorological parameters of the atmosphere. Therefore, a number of requirements are put forward to aerological observation systems, namely: increasing the accuracy of providing meteorological information; reduction of time for obtaining meteorological information; ensuring interference protection from the influence of the enemy; improvement of correction calculation software, etc. Even the use of modern high-speed computer systems in the preparation of operational data, capable of ensuring the effective performance of combat tasks by artillery, is unable to fully solve the problem of aerial measurements of ground artillery fire, since it is very difficult for all possible combinations of physical situations and initial conditions. So, if the results depend on several dozen input parameters, it is difficult to even tabulate them and present them in a user-friendly form. It was noted that, for this purpose, the deployment of the system of aerological sounding of the atmosphere, which consists of an information reception and processing point and a radiosonde launch point, should be ensured as a priority.


stations of receipt of meteorological information, ground artillery, radiosonde, digital meteorological model, amendments, on declining of meteorological terms, transports vehicles, point of reception and treatment of information.

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