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завантаження O. Kovaliuk


завантаження Yu. Sinilo



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Ковалюк О. І., Сініло Ю. Г. Альтернативний метод розрахунку снарядостійкості броневих конструкцій бойових колісних і гусеничних машин. Збірник наукових праць Військової академії (м. Одеса). 2022. № 2 (18). С. 5–17. https://doi.org/10.37129/2313-7509.2022.18.5-17


The purpose of the development is to find alternative methods of strengthening the protection of BMP (APC) against modern anti-tank weapons in the attacking order of battle of a mixed mechanized (tank) battalion of the Armed Forces.
The difference of the project underlies in the possibility of choosing the optimal ratio of protection and mobility in order to increase the combat effectiveness of the samples of the OVT of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Аn original concept design of heavy (assault) IFV-64 «Sluch» layout was developed during the work on the basis of existing IFV and tanks structures by selecting successful solutions, optimizing and reconfiguring them. This project eliminates passivity of the landing party, isolation of the crew. High security and mobility ensures the effective use of the main and landing weapons, especially in the front and side sectors, all-round surveillance of the battlefield, safe and quick exit from the vehicle in battle and landing in it, reloading ATGM launcher.
The vehicle is a hybrid of the T-64A (T-64B1) tank body with reinforced frontal and side projection armor, an improved BMP-2 type armament complex in the turret with complex circular rotation armor. In terms of its security and mobility, it is superior to promising heavy infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers of NATO countries.
The practical significance of the development underlies in the restoration of the lost active concept of modern BMPs, the possibility of improving and finding weak points in the armor protection of combat wheeled and tracked vehicles of the light category, a significant reduction in the development time of OVT, saving materials and finances.


projectile resistance, armored construction, conditional damage, safe velocity of the projectile, coefficient of even durability of the material.

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